Ken Hill's Sky-High Repo Chronicle

How one man's thrilling tales of airplane repossession dominated conversations.

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The High-Flying Adventures of Ken Hill: The Airplane Repo Man

In the sprawling skies and on quiet tarmacs of America, Ken Hill, the 66-year-old airplane repo man, swoops down on defaulters' aircraft like a hawk. With the recent economic slump, business is booming for him. In Santa Barbara, California, a treasure trove of seized aircraft stands as a testament to his prowess.

Ken is no ordinary man. He's the guy you call when someone defaults on their airplane loan, the guy who’ll cross eight states in a single business trip, repossessing 12 planes. And he's about to embark on his most significant haul yet: 27 planes in a span of 30 to 45 days.

Outfitted with an array of tools — a propeller lock, a GPS device, a radio, and a fanny pack loaded with a multitude of keys — Ken is always on the move. "Up with the sun, down with the stars," he quips. His wife, ever understanding, simply waits for his call to know where he's landed next.

Hill on a -48°F repo call in North Dakota in 2009

Ken’s tale began in 1969 when he repossessed his first plane, a propeller-powered Piper Cherokee 180. Now, after hundreds of repossession missions, friends have humorously dubbed him the "Grim Reaper" of the aviation world.

Owning a plane isn't cheap. From maintenance to hangar fees, from fuel to insurance, the costs pile up, more so during economic downturns. "An airplane is a money sink, whether you’re flying it or not," remarks Terence Haglund, an aviation lawyer who often requires Ken's expertise.

Last year, Ken took in 50 aircraft. This year, he predicts that number might double. Banks, particularly those that specialize in aircraft loans, trust Ken implicitly. "He’s all about integrity," says Joseph J. Dini of Sovereign Bank. Ken’s meticulous approach, covering everything from tracking and tracing to personally flying the repossessed planes, has built him a reputation for excellence.

However, not every mission is smooth sailing. Sometimes, Ken arrives at an airport only to engage in a long waiting game, requiring court orders to get access to the planes. But once he's in, with a master key or the aid of a locksmith, he ensures everything is in order before taking off.

His operations are so legendary that tales of his adventures have taken on a life of their own. There's the story of the defaulter who cleaned the windshield of his aircraft and served Ken a home-cooked meal before handing over his plane. And then, there's the tale of the woman who chased Ken with a yard rake.

However, Ken maintains a humble demeanor amidst all these stories. "Repossession is not the gold mine many think it is," he says, though he does admit that it’s far more exhilarating than his occasional stint as a registered bounty hunter in California.

In the end, Ken Hill's job might not be for the faint-hearted, but it certainly makes for one riveting tale of the skies. As he himself puts it, "If everyone did what they were supposed to, I wouldn’t be needed. But until then, the sky’s the limit."

A mid-flight cockpit shot

Whenever I see a plane, I can't help but picture Ken Hill, with his fanny pack of keys, ready to swoop down like a hawk. Air traffic controllers probably have a VIP parking spot just for his 'collections'. Remember, in the world of aviation, every mysterious engine hiccup gets whispered as a 'Ken Hill was here'. So if you're dreaming of owning a plane, better make sure it's 'Ken Hill Approved'! 🛩️

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From Podcast Ad to Vodka Sensation: The Pink Whitney Phenomenon

Did you know that vodka is America's most consumed spirit, with a whopping 80 million 9-liter cases sold in 2020? New Amsterdam Vodka didn't just know this; they capitalized on it, especially after their partnership with the NHL. Their Pink Whitney flavor, launched in 2011, was their answer to three industry trends: locally-produced alcohol, affordable pricing, and the rising popularity of flavored drinks.

Everything changed during an episode of the Spittin' Chiclets podcast, where the crew discussed their favorite ways to drink vodka. Ryan Whitney, a 6'4" former pro athlete, casually mentioned his fondness for pink lemonade mixed with New Amsterdam vodka. Instead of being teased as expected, the internet embraced it, making #PinkWhitney a trending topic.

A mere tweet about the drink set things into motion. With fans eagerly sharing their Pink Whitney creations, it wasn't long before the Spittin' Chiclets crew saw an opportunity. Teaming up with E&J Gallo, a major alcohol distributor, they rolled out the Pink Whitney drink. Expected to last for a season or two, the first million bottles sold out in just six weeks! Now, with over 15 million bottles sold, Pink Whitney is North America's top flavored vodka.

So, what made Pink Whitney so irresistible? Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini believes it's the brand's organic growth, driven by relatable personalities like Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette. Unlike celebrity-endorsed brands, the authenticity of Barstool's approach made fans feel like they were part of something bigger. This coupled with their keen ability to listen to their audience, engage with them, and deliver what they wanted, set Pink Whitney on the path to success.

The Pink Whitney story is a testament to the power of content and commerce synergy. Barstool Sports has rewritten the playbook for consumer products in the digital age. As for what's next? Nardini hints at more exciting products aligned with their other shows. Whatever it might be, if it's anything like the Pink Whitney phenomenon, it promises to be groundbreaking.

One of the key reasons behind the Pink Whitney's viral success was its ability to tap into the nostalgia that pink lemonade invokes. A beloved childhood favorite for many, combined with vodka, it transports drinkers to simpler times, all while giving an adult twist. This was a masterstroke that resonated deeply with millennials and Gen Z, a large demographic of the Spittin' Chiclets podcast.

Another vital aspect was New Amsterdam Vodka's transparency in the creation process. By using only natural flavors with no additives or artificial sweeteners, they catered to the health-conscious consumers, ensuring that Pink Whitney was not only tasty but also, to an extent, mindful of modern consumption trends.

Barstool Sports, leveraging their massive digital footprint, embarked on a series of engaging marketing campaigns, often integrating fan feedback, user-generated content, and witty social media challenges. Their deep connection with their fanbase allowed Pink Whitney's marketing to feel less like promotions and more like a community enjoying their favorite drink.

Post its success, Pink Whitney didn't just sit on its laurels. They expanded into merchandise, creating limited edition clothing lines, accessories, and even organizing tasting events in select cities. Collaborating with influencers beyond the NHL universe, they organically expanded their reach, turning Pink Whitney into a household name.

Keeping the brand continually relevant, Pink Whitney has found itself at charity events, major music festivals, and even celebrity parties. Ensuring its visibility in various cultural scenarios has cemented its position as not just a drink, but a lifestyle statement.

The Pink Whitney success story offers a masterclass in organic marketing, authentic branding, and tapping into cultural zeitgeist. It underscores the importance of listening to your audience, being agile in business strategies, and the unquantifiable value of genuine endorsements. As we toast to its success, the industry watches with bated breath, eager to see where Barstool Sports steers this sensation next.

Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini

Remember when lemonade stands were the peak of our entrepreneurial spirit? Well, move over childhood nostalgia, because Pink Whitney is here to school us all! Who knew that a casual podcast chat could turn pink lemonade and vodka into the beverage equivalent of a rockstar?Cheers to the real MVP - Pink Whitney. From the hockey rink to the red carpet, who knew a drink could have such a journey! 

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News Bites

  • Global Climate Conference: World leaders convene for the Global Climate Summit 2023 in Tokyo, aiming to set more aggressive targets for carbon neutrality and address rising sea levels threatening coastal cities.

  • Tech Giant Merger: Silicon Valley is buzzing as tech giants NeoTech and Solara announce their unexpected merger, potentially reshaping the landscape of the tech industry.

  • Rare Comet Sighting: Astronomers and stargazers gear up for a once-in-a-lifetime view of Comet Luminara, which will be closest to Earth next week and won't return for another 500 years.

  • Breakthrough in Medicine: Researchers at the Cambridge Biomedical Institute announced a groundbreaking discovery in Alzheimer's treatment, showing reversal of cognitive decline in early-stage patients.

  • Middle East Peace Talks: In a historic move, leaders from multiple Middle Eastern nations convene in Istanbul for renewed peace talks, aiming for collaborative solutions and regional stability.

  • Endangered Species Milestone: The African Black Rhino, previously on the brink of extinction, sees its population double over the past decade thanks to robust conservation efforts and international collaboration.


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