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Franchise Visionary: One Women's $259M Triumph

Discover how Dan Rowe cooked up a hefty fortune by transforming The Halal Guys into a global powerhouse.

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Balancing Parenthood and a $259 Million Business

There Comes a Time When You Wonder, 'Will It All Turn Out Alright?'

In 2018, Jen Lemcke and her father took the plunge and bought Weed Man, a company whose Canadian franchises were on the decline with sales of $43.6 million in U.S. dollars. Fast forward to last year, and those very Canadian franchise sales were soaring at $66.2 million, with the U.S. arm of the business valued at an impressive $259 million.

So how did they turn the tide? "The concept of work-life balance is a perpetual theme," Lemcke observes, "but in truth, it can often feel like a myth." Instead, she suggests that if you immerse yourself in significant opportunities and recognize your unknowns, the answers will present themselves.

This ethos became the foundation of their journey. Lemcke's father, a chemical engineer by training, had the ambition to be a franchisee. So in 1986, just as Weed Man was broadening its roots across Quebec, he bought his first unit. After completing her university education, marrying, and joining her father in the acquisition of a Weed Man territory in Ottawa, Lemcke found herself at the helm of the company's U.S. expansion in 2000, a project initiated by her father's company, Turf Holdings, five years earlier. Fast forward to 2018, and Turf Holdings transitioned from being a multi-unit owner to the sole owner of the Weed Man brand.

Growing a Canadian brand into a successful business in the U.S. was not without challenges. The strategy involved recruiting subfranchisors (or regional franchise business consultants) across vast geographical regions. Despite having the systems in place, catering to diverse grass species across the U.S. meant testing their systems thoroughly before any roll-out.

This period of growth was as exciting as it was demanding. With three children to raise and a business to expand, Lemcke found herself juggling two families - home and work. With the help of a supportive husband and a nanny, she became adept at balancing her time between the two, making sure she was present for the significant moments but occasionally missing the minor ones.

When Lemcke stepped into her father's shoes as CEO after his retirement in March 2020, the task became even more daunting. Now, she had 350 franchisees looking up to her for leadership in the middle of a pandemic. There was no playbook for this, and she realized she couldn't do it alone.

In response, she made herself available to everyone at any time, letting them know that she might not have all the answers but was committed to finding the best solutions.

Although conventional wisdom advocates managing your company from a 10,000-foot view, Lemcke has found her strength lies in the details. She isn't shy to make direct calls to her team, offering insights and suggestions based on her careful analysis. She truly believes that victories and losses lie in the minutiae.

Reflecting on the past thirty years, Lemcke sees a constant struggle of trying to be both a business leader and a mother. She recalls periods of uncertainty, questioning whether she'd been present enough for her children while managing the business. But now, on the other side of that journey, she sees that everything has worked out just fine. The company is thriving, her children are doing well, and all is good.

Building a career while being a mother can be tough. There are times when priorities have to be reshuffled, but Lemcke's biggest takeaway is that everything eventually works out. Her advice to others in a similar position? "Breathe deep and give yourself some grace."

Juggling a $259M business and parenthood isn't easy, but Jen Lemcke shows it's possible. Work-life balance may seem like a myth, but immerse yourself in opportunities, recognize your unknowns, and the answers will present themselves

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Taking a Franchise to New Heights

Establishing a successful franchise requires audacity, tenacity, and an expansion-driven mindset. Dan Rowe envisaged The Halal Guys, a unique franchise concept, blossoming to an impressive 1,000 locations worldwide. Despite skepticism from peers, he held firm to his ambitious goal.

Initially, the strategy was daring. Rowe's team targeted North America's 50 largest markets before aiming overseas. While many doubted their approach, success in urban areas and ongoing global expansion in the UK and South Korea silenced skeptics. So, how did Rowe foster such exceptional growth?

Despite facing negativity, Rowe remained undeterred. He persisted in his brand's potential and retained a clear growth strategy. This attitude helped him during the initial franchise launch of PayMore, overcoming hurdles and securing substantial deals.

Upholding brand standards is crucial, but so is knowing when to adapt them. An advantageous single-unit opportunity could stimulate a brand's growth. Rowe encouraged franchisees to expand their territories, embodying an ambitious approach.

Rowe emphasizes the importance of a committed team, recounting his experience with Cilantro Taco Grill. The Chicago-based brand's success was partly due to their passion-driven business plan and family legacy, which aligned with Rowe's vision and growth strategy.

Franchising is about building wealth, not just creating jobs. Rowe's story exemplifies how a franchise can grow to its maximum potential, enabling wealth generation. Thus, keeping future prospects and the potential for creating generational wealth in sight is essential.

Rowe's story illustrates that with a steadfast growth mindset, positive attitude, aggressive strategies, a committed team, and a focus on the future, anyone can make their franchise vision a robust, global reality.

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Taking 'The Sky's the Limit' quite literally! Dan Rowe showing us that the only 'beef' you should have is in your Halal Guys wrap. Next stop? Outer space franchises?😂

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