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  • Cryptocurrency and the Environment: A Balancing Act

Cryptocurrency and the Environment: A Balancing Act

Discussing the environmental impacts of cryptocurrency mining, the steps being taken to make it more sustainable, and the possible future of green cryptocurrencies.


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Rocketing Records! 

Ever wake up and feel like it's just too darn hot? Well, you're not alone! 🥵 Earth has been breaking temperature records left, right, and center! The good news is, we might be getting better at handling the heat. 🔥

The Power of Unions! 

The ongoing negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters Union has brought heat safety into the limelight. 💦 And guess what? They're making some cool progress - say hello to air-conditioned trucks! 🚚❄️

Crypto Whales: A Deep Dive! 

Ready for some high-stakes crypto betting? We took a look into the wallets of the biggest crypto whales. Hint: There's some big dollar energy going on! 👀

Unleashing Web3 Creativity! 

Calling all techies! Flow's Hackathon is here and it's time to get your coding caps on! You might even win some cool prizes! ğŸ’»ğŸŽ

Predictions: What's Next?  

Our crystal ball gave us some interesting predictions at the beginning of the year, and now we're revisiting them. Let's just say, it's a mixed bag. But hey, who said predicting the future was easy? 🤷‍♀️🔮

BTC Unmoved: A New ATH? 

In the world of Bitcoin, a new record has been set. Nearly 70% of the entire Bitcoin circulating supply hasn't moved in over a year! Hold on to your seats (and your Bitcoins) folks, because it's going to be a wild ride! ğŸŽ¢ğŸŽ‰

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