How 1 man made $½B on Meat

Story about someone who translated porterhouse and T-bone in many zeroes

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How 1 man made $½B on Meat

Story about someone who translated porterhouse and T-bone in many zeroes

Picture this: a man who made it his life's mission to challenge the way we consume food. A man who dared to dream bigger, eat better, and think outside the box (or should we say, inside the ButcherBox). This visionary genius is Mike Salguero, the entrepreneur who gave us ButcherBox and revolutionized our dinner tables.

Let’s dive into the numbers. This isn’t some tale of overnight success or sudden burst of luck. We’re talking about a guy who launched a startup at the age of THIRTY-FIVE and turned it into a million-dollar success story. From the get-go, Salguero had his eyes on the prize and he wasn't going to stop until he reached it.

From the start, Mike didn’t have the upper hand. He wasn't from the food industry, nor did he have a background in agriculture. He was a Boston-based entrepreneur with a successful startup under his belt, CustomMade, an online marketplace for custom goods. But the discovery of the health benefits of grass-fed beef and the lack of its accessibility set him on a new path.

To give you a sense of scale, consider this: Mike’s ButcherBox is now delivering to hundreds of thousands of households across America. And these aren't just regular meat deliveries. Each ButcherBox shipment guarantees ethically sourced, high-quality meats from family-run farms.

In terms of customer engagement, here's the kicker: each box is a surprise. Customers never know exactly what cuts of meat they'll get, which adds an element of excitement to their cooking adventures. Think of it as a culinary lottery, with guaranteed winnings every time.

ButcherBox is more than just a meat delivery service. It's a platform that educates its customers about the importance of sustainable farming and healthy diets. Salguero's vision has transformed the way we buy, cook, and enjoy meat, all while championing ethical farming practices.

Talking about after-hours success, consider this fact: Microsoft Teams users now send 42% more chats after regular working hours compared to a year and a half ago. This tells us something significant about how entrepreneurs like Salguero work. Building an empire doesn’t stop at five. It’s a round-the-clock commitment, and this is a game where the hardest workers take the prize.

So what's the takeaway from Mike Salguero’s story? It's simple: don't fear the odds. Embrace them. Channel that Mike Salguero spirit. Challenge the status quo. Revolutionize an industry. And remember, no idea is too big or bold if you have the courage to see it through.

Loosing the Thread?

Last weeks rundown behind Threads

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Mark Zuckerberg's latest endeavor, Threads, has set its sights on Twitter. Despite early signs of struggle, this ambitious new challenger from Meta may still have some tricks up its sleeve.

A Slippery Slope Just weeks into its debut, Threads is experiencing a downward slide. The Wall Street Journal reports user activity on the app is down significantly, from a peak of 21 minutes to a measly six. Add to this a sharp decline in daily active users – from 13 million down to less than half. Despite these numbers, it would be premature to discount Threads just yet.

Turning The Tables While the figures might raise eyebrows, there's more to this story. Meta's executives expected such a dip and remain unfazed. After all, an initial surge of interest followed by a gradual drop off is not uncommon for newly launched apps.

The Silver Lining Despite the gloomy stats, Threads continues to attract users on a global scale. Already it has bagged a milestone, outpacing Pokémon GO as the fastest app to reach 100 million users. This strong start indicates Threads' potential as a legitimate competitor to Twitter.

A Rocky Road Threads' journey has been far from smooth. Downloads peaked a few days post-launch and have been dwindling since. However, it still garners over a million new downloads each day. The dip in Threads' usage may seem concerning, but the initial figures indicate its potential as a Twitter competitor.

Growing Pains The app is still in its beta phase and lacks several key microblogging features, which could be a significant deterrent for potential users. However, patient users are quick to remind critics that even Instagram had a slow start.

The Verdict Threads has a long road ahead. Will it join Meta's graveyard of unsuccessful apps, or will it rise to the occasion? Only time will tell. However, an app with an estimated 116 million users that continues to grow is far from being declared "dead."

Unique Offerings Threads may look like Twitter's twin, but it has unique features up its sleeve. Its integration with Instagram allows users to import their bio and followers. Plus, Threads comes with a more regulated platform, sharing the same community standards as Instagram.

As Threads grapples with securing its place in the social media landscape, it serves as a valuable case study for future tech endeavors. After all, in the world of tech, the real race is about adaptability and endurance.

News Bites

  1. Ethereum's Reach: Ethereum conferences are attracting teams from diverse ecosystems. Both Tezos and Solana announced improvements to make it easier for Ethereum developers to migrate to their chains.

  2. AI Chat Usage: AI chat usage is currently on a downward trend worldwide, despite the rapid growth of AI companies.

  3. Shopify's Time Management: Shopify recently deleted 322k hours-worth of meetings and now displays a meeting’s estimated financial cost on the calendar.

  4. Barbie vs. Oppenheimer: Analysts expect Margot Robbie's "Barbie" to bring in $90 million–$115 million at the box office, while Christopher Nolan's "Oppenheimer" is projected to earn around $60 million.

  5. Gnosis Pay and Gnosis Card: Gnosis introduced a decentralized payment network and a Visa debit card that can be linked directly to onchain, self-custodial wallets at the EthCC conference.

  6. Restaurant Diners: On Yelp, 10% of restaurant diners are now seated between 2pm and 5pm, up from 5% in 2019.

  7. Uber Trips: Uber trips to restaurants between 4pm and 5pm are up 10% from 2019, and down 9% after 8pm.

  8. Golf Course Popularity: Stanford researchers found golf courses to be 143% busier on weekdays in 2022 versus 2019.

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